The Oxford Town Team is comprised of city centre organisations and includes significant representation from the retail, hospitality and transport sectors. There are currently 16 members that sit on the Town Team Steering Group. These members are responsible for representing their organisation as well as the wider partnerships and networks in which they are involved. They also take forward the work of the Oxford Town Team in their own organisations and other partnerships/networks

Oxford Town Team Aims

• To develop Oxford’s city centre through helping to improve the public realm, increasing footfall and growing business revenues.
• To represent the interests of businesses throughout OX1 and to support their needs and objectives.
• To foster strong, fruitful relationships with public and private sector organisations involved in the development of Oxford city centre.

How these aims will be delivered

The Oxford Town Team delivers these aims by ensuring there is regular, frequent communication with its constituent members – the businesses in OX1 – in order to ensure it understands and can represent their needs. To this end it has adopted a structure to enable broad participation among city centre businesses and make full use of their expertise and knowledge. The current structure of the Oxford Town Team is a Steering Group and project specific Delivery Groups. Current projects include a city centre newsletter, a city centre retail map, a city centre charter and a series of forums for all OX1 businesses and key stakeholders.

If you would like any further information about a specific Town Team project or some more general information about the Oxford Town Team please contact Oxford City Centre Manager, Laurie-Jane Taylor via email or telephone 01865 252080.